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Buying & Selling A Business

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  • Strategies for judging the value of a business
  • Help you identify when it’s in your best interest to seek the personalized advice


Buyer or Seller-Come Out a Winner

The working relationship with the person opposite you at the negotiating table during a sale can determine your success or failure. Experienced attorney Ira Nottonson covers both sides of the table, presenting the buyer’s and the seller’s perspectives, as well as critical steps in the sale process, including presentation, negotiation and documentations. Learn how to gain the upper hand, minimize financial risk and come out a winner, no matter on which side of the table you’re sitting.

Nottonson covers:

  • Strategies for judging the value of a business
  • Finding the right buyer or seller
  • Buzzwords and basic concepts buyers and sellers need to know
  • Negotiation preparation, roles and techniques
  • Strategies specific to a buyer and a seller including initial research, preparation, cost analysis and working with professional advisors such as accountants and brokers

Whether you’re purchasing or selling, this book helps you close the deal!

For 30 years, Entrepreneur has provided the most trusted business advice available to business owners. Our legal guides continue that tradition by offering current and cost-effective legal advice so you can resolve the business and legal issues you face on a daily basis. We also help you identify when it’s in your best interest to seek the personalized advice and services of a practicing lawyer.

Additional Articles Included on CD-ROM :

  • Valuing a Business as a Buyer: Be Careful!
  • Using Someone Else’s Money to Buy a Business
  • Making the Business Deals
  • Getting the Best from Professional Advice
  • The Basics of Negotiating
  • Selling Yourself
  • What Makes a Business Run?
  • What Is the Money for Anyway?
  • Setting the Record Straight: The Franchise and the Independent
  • Getting the Advice That Counts
  • Do You Really Want to Own a Business?
  • Building Your Business for the Future
  • If You’re Going to Sell Your Business
  • Contracts: Ambiguities and Bad Memories
  • Who Is Going to Buy Your Business?
  • Don’t Let Money Get Tight in Your Business
  • Trusting Your Professional’s Ethics
  • The Alternative of Partnering Up
  • Service Fees of Professionals-Good and Bad
  • Being Your Own Lawyer
  • Negotiating Is a Crooked Path
  • Borrowing When You Can’t Go to the Bank
  • Can You Really Protect against Disclosure?
  • The Frightening Aspect of Being Sued
  • Growing at the Right Speed
  • What Are You Looking For?